christmas garland


The inclusion of a garland in decorating a Christmas tree is a ritual which has been embedded in our souls since our forefathers traveled to this land from their European roots. Initially, they were twisted to form their shapes while utilizing natural products from our abundant forests of that era. All types of Pine, hemlock, and Laurel were used as well as varieties of holly. Our predecessors used dried berries [red and black, primarily], wooden beads, and dried grasses for their construction. The home made Christmas garland was the major source of income for the settlers of that time.
Here is a useful technique on how you can take care of home made Christmas garland.
1. Straighten the leaves following just one single line to cover them easily. Use extra care as the leaves can be sharp and could cut your skin.
2. Get old newspapers and roll it over the garlands, seal it close with a nylon string or a scotch tape.
3. After every part of it is covered with paper, roll the garlands to a small circle, enough for your desired room space. Be careful not to push it too hard and break it.
4. Enclose the circle together using a string or a scotch tape.
5. If you have a small storage space, you can hang it instead of using a box. If the room is not safe from insects and wet environment, put it inside a plastic bag and seal. Use the plastics’ handle for hanging it. If you have enough space, you can put the rolled garland into a box. Avoid
All in all, they make a lovely accompaniment to any festive mantle or table. They are also wonderful when draped in and around your tree. They can be purchased in a variety of colors – even multi-colored -which makes them a potential focal point of the room. A Christmas garland or garlands could be arranged in various areas of the house to lend further to the aura of the festivities.